May 24, 2021

Barbara & Al

Mechanicsville, Virginia Engagement Photography

Barbara and Al’s engagement session was filled with joy, laughter and two incredibly in love people! These two are so sweet and adorable! After being around them for 2 minutes, I found myself in constant admiration of the love these two share.

Barbara and Al met at work over 15 years ago and have been together ever since. During their session, Al kept trying to give me his best ‘serious umpire face’, although it usually ended in a big smile. Al has been a baseball umpire for over 20 years and works solely will college games now.

This September they will finally tie the knot at the historic and beautiful St. John’s Church in West Point, Virginia which was constructed in 1734.

For their engagement session, Barbara and Al selected historic Rural Plains, also informally known as Shelton House, which is a historic farm house dating to the 1660s in Mechanicsville, Virginia. According to historians, the house stayed continuously in the Shelton Family for more than 275 years. Virginia patriot and politician Patrick Henry reportedly married Sarah Shelton in its parlor in 1754. 110 years later it lay in the center of the U.S. Army’s position during the Battle of Totopotomy Creek. It survived that action, despite being riddled with Confederate artillery fire (the scars of which are still present today). The house and 124 surrounding acres now are preserved by Richmond National Battlefield Park.

I am so excited for September and cannot wait to capture their special day!

  1. Dana says:

    Beautiful session! I love the colors and her ring! You can really see how much love they have for each other.

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