April 12, 2022

Meaghan & Cody

This engagement session was very near and dear to my heart as Meaghan is a sweet friend who I hadn’t seen in 12 years! I first met Meaghan in 2007 when we both attended the same middle school. When she reached out to me about photographing her wedding, to say I was excited was a HUGE understatement! During our senior year of high school, Meaghan and I were in the same AP English class, one of my least favorite classes. I used to dread walking into the classroom until I saw Meaghan! Her smile literally lights up an entire room and you cannot help but smile when you see her! When she told me all about Cody, I couldn’t wait to fly up to Boston to reconnect with her and meet Cody!

Meaghan and Cody, thank you so much for letting me document your love story and engagement session! I am so excited for the two of you and cannot wait for your wedding next year!


The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University is a botanical research institution and free public park, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Established in 1872, it is the oldest public arboretum in North America. Spanning over 280 acres, the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University is a museum of trees teaching the world about plants.


Meaghan and Cody met during college at UMass Lowell, through hanging out with mutual friends in the dorms they both lived in.

They hung out a lot before becoming official, and spent their first official date in Cody’s home town of Salem, MA during their summer college break. Cody showed Meaghan around his town and highlighted some places he loves. One particularly notable spot for them was The Willows, an oceanfront park in the city. They sat for hours on one of the benches just talking and felt like no time passed, it was so easy and comfortable. They went back there again on another date about a week later and got ice cream and it is there and then on the pier where Cody officially asked Meaghan to be his girlfriend!

In April 2018 Cody and Meaghan finally moved in together into a home that they designed and built. They now even work for the same place! “We both are happy to just hang at home together and do whatever because we just enjoy each other’s company no matter what we are doing. Time before Cody feels so far ago, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary on July 16th this year and will have been together 11.5 years on our wedding day. I cant picture my life without him, and I never would want to.”


The proposal could not have been more thoughtful, personal and perfect for Meaghan!

Meaghan is a huge Christmas fanatic, Disney and Hallmark lover. Cody proposed on Christmas morning with just him and Meaghan under the Christmas tree. “He had me start to open our Christmas presents to each other. He got me all my favorites. And then he said he had one more thing. He got up onto his knee as we were sitting on the floor under the tree and told me he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and took a ring box out of his pocket and proposed. The ring was Disney theme with a rose gold rose centering a swirly silver band, beauty and the beast theme. He said this was a Christmas gift to hold the place on my finger as he wanted to go pick out the real ring together. I said yes of course – sitting there in my pjs with a giant Hallmark blanket style Hoodie on looking all disheveled he asked me to be his. And I was so happy I couldn’t stop crying! And not pretty crying, I needed tissues kind of crying! I was so beyond happy and surprised! It was a very special day.”


“Everything. He is so kind, and quick witted and smart. He is handsome, he mellows out my type A personality. We balance each other well. He is so funny and can make me happy when I am not. I love that we share interests and both enjoy just spending time together.”


“She’s smart, and kind, and caring and passionate and beautiful.”

  1. Meaghan Brooks says:

    The most perfect day and experience!!! I cannot thank Kylie enough for such a wonder engagement shoot. It was so special and I loved getting a chance to also reconnect with an amazing old friend!!!! Best photographer ever!!!!

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