Alexis & Jeremy

  1. Andrea “Auntie” says:

    I love these pictures. You two look happy and you had a great time doing this shoot. I am excited for you both and wish you an abundance of love, peace, happiness and blessings.

  2. Civi says:

    Omg- so precious. You look amazing!! Congratulations to you both

  3. Kimberly Jones says:

    Just beautiful!

  4. Carole Burchette says:

    Lexi these are some beautiful pictures and you both look so happy and excited about what the future holds. So happy for you both and sending lots of love from San Antonio.

  5. Jordyn Marsh says:

    These are BEAUTIFUL. Cheers to y’all!

  6. Quiana Diaz says:

    Omg Gorgeous and how perfect you two are and the pictures are amazing. Cheers to you both and Congratulations 🍾

  7. Quiana Diaz says:

    Congratulations you two look so happy in these photos! Simply Gorgeous and you looked like you had fun doing the shoot.

  8. Michele Jones says:

    Alexis, so very happy for you, blessings to you both. Beautiful pictures.
    Michele Jones

  9. Nicole harris says:

    Congratulations Alexis and Jeremy…
    Many blessings


    Absolutely stunning which you lots of happiness

  11. Nicole Cobb says:

    Every parents greatest wish is that their kids would live a life inclusive of true love and happiness. To see my daughter’s gorgeous smiling face captured in such a beautiful way with “her person” makes this mommy’s heart happy. So excited for all that is to come. Xo

  12. Joan stockton says:

    Alexis and Jeremy Congratulations 🎊 You’ll look so happy and excited for the future.. It’s truly wonderful that you’ll have each other .. Love you both Grandma and PaPa ♥️

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