June 30, 2021

Alexia & Mark

Arlington, Virginia Wedding Photography

Alexia and Mark said, “I Do” at Lyon Park Community Center in Arlington, Virginia in a beautifully intimate wedding surrounded by their close family and friends. It was so clear to see the love between Alexia and Mark and how wonderfully they compliment each other.

Alexia and Mark met one brisk Winter evening as they crossed paths in Dupont Circle. Mark introduced himself and right away Alexia noticed that boyish smile and ridiculous charm. Right after their interaction that evening, Alexia thought to herself, “Now, that’s the kind of man I would marry!”

One sunny but crisp winter morning, Alexia was scheduled to meet Mark (whom she had been dating on and off for ten years!) for a trail walk. When she arrived downstairs, in front of her apartment building, Mark was seated calmly on a bench in front of their favorite bread/baked goods shop. He then asked her to sit down and then calmly he started to reflect with a smile on his face saying, “Well it’s been a hell of a 9 years… lots of ups and downs but here we still are…” Alexia interrupted him and said, “You mean 10 years!” Alexia had a feeling where things were going and wasn’t surprised when he then suddenly got down on one knee, held her hand and with a great big smile on his face said, “Will you marry me?” She immediately shook her head yes and got down to hug him.

Alexia and Mark, thank you so much for letting me capture your special day! I wish nothing but the best for the two of you and know that you have a wonderful future ahead of you as Mr. & Mrs.

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