August 13, 2021

Corinne & Andrew

Richmond, Virginia Engagement Photography

Corinne and Andrew (joined by their adorable dog Toby) stunned during their engagement session in at Brown’s Island in downtown Richmond. The James River was the perfect setting for their engagement session.


Corinne and Andrew went to high school together in Richmond and started dating towards the end of senior year. They dated long-distance through college, with lots of trips back and forth between Boston and Charlottesville. Over the next few years they visited each other as often as possible and traveled together all over the world. Andrew graduated from UVA in 2017 and moved to DC. Corinne graduated from Northeastern in 2018 and started grad school at Stanford, and a year after that Andrew moved out west to join her.

Their time in California ended up being pretty short-lived because they decided to leave at the beginning of the pandemic. They moved back to Richmond in May of 2020 and adopted their rescue puppy Toby. Corinne’s program requires her to be back on campus for the fall semester, so they are packing up and heading west at the end of the month.


In June 2021, after dating for almost eight years, Andrew proposed to Corinne at one of her favorite spots on the James River. Corinne and Andrew went walking on the Buttermilk Trail one Saturday with Toby. Andrew found a nice spot on the river to sit and ask the question. He brought roses with notes, which is pretty similar to how he asked Corinne to high school prom!


“He’s super thoughtful, anticipates my needs before I think of them and takes super good care of me. He’s supportive of me and my goals and he can always make me smile!”


“She’s on my team, she always knows what to say to solve problems and help me feel better/ground me. She’s a thoughtful and loving person.”

I am so excited for Corinne and Andrew’s wedding next April at the VFMA!

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