November 3, 2021

Dana & Brandon

Beaufort, South Carolina Engagement Photography

Dana and Brandon had the sweetest engagement session in Beaufort, South Carolina. Their engagement session started at Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park and ended at their beautiful church, St. Peter’s Catholic Church. The southern charm, beautiful scenery and Spanish moss made this session one for the books! I can’t wait for their wedding in April 2022!


Dana and Brandon met while helping her best friend Anna move in with Andrew (former KHP couple). The next day Brandon had asked Anna’s brother to ask Dana for her phone number. They had their first date later that week at True Food Kitchen and walked around the town center. They were both too nervous to eat a lot, but the conversation was never dull! They continued meeting up every weekend and eventually added in weekly coffee dates in Occoquan. They fell in love over hikes, Sunday Mass, football, wineries, breweries, and cooking.


Dana went to Brandon’s house on a Friday (June 4th) after work to cook dinner together for the first time in a few weeks. Brandon had the food laid out, wine bottle uncorked, and Italian music playing in the background, which as pretty normal for a night of cooking so Dana went right to work preparing the marinade. After several spontaneous dances around the kitchen (also not out of the ordinary), Brandon was growing more anxious and asked her to chop the chives. While her back was turned getting things organized he asked Dana several times if she was capable of chopping the chives… Finally she turned around to answer him directly and Brandon was on one knee holding the open ring box. He asked her to marry him and of course she said YES! They left the half prepared meal, and went out to eat to celebrate.


“I love that she is caring, smart, funny, knows how to make a bad situation into a good one, and is religious. Pretty much the whole package.”


“I love the fact that he is family oriented and is always willing to help even when not being asked. The main reason I agreed to let him have my number was because he drove two hours at 6am to help someone move that he had never met. He is generous and gentle.”

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