November 9, 2021

Papago Park Engagement Session | Phoenix, Arizona

Megan and Kyler

Megan and Kyler selected Papago park to be the perfect setting for their engagement session. With beautiful desert plants, a pond and the iconic red buttes, the background for their photos did not disappoint! These high school sweethearts are so incredibly sweet and welcoming and after just a few minutes of meeting them, I felt like they were lifelong friends!


Papago Park has been home to many different pieces of Phoenix history: it was a reservation for indigenous tribes, a fish hatchery during the Great Depression, a POW camp during World War II, and a VA hospital. Today, the park is home to The Phoenix Zoo, Desert Botanical Garden, golf courses, various museums, baseball fields, lakes, and Sonoran Desert plants and animals. With the red buttes, iconic “Hole in the Rock”, ponds and fishing lagoons, Papago park offers a variety of gorgeous backgrounds for any session!


Megan and Kyler met in high school and started dating the summer going into Junior year. They both had no idea this would be anything more than a casual relationship in high school! Megan fell in love with Kyler because of his servant heart and Kyler fell in love with Megan because of her kindness and caring and beautiful heart! They continued their relationship long distance during college (with Megan in Arizona and Kyler in Colorado). Once they both graduated, they settled back down together in Arizona.


Kyler took Megan to her favorite restaurant on the Scottsdale waterfront and had a lovely dinner. After, they took a walk outside by the water when all of a sudden her best friend popped out of the bushes and came running towards them with her phone! Megan was so shocked! She turned around and Kyler was on his knee. Megan wasn’t expecting to cry because they had been dating for 7 years but she did!


“He takes care of me and is the best friend I could ask for. He does not hesitate to do things for me! One of my love languages is acts of service.”


“She is kind and caring and understanding and always ready to try new things with me! The most loving person I have ever met.”

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