November 9, 2021

Zoe & Tony

Zoe and Tony joined me at the beautiful Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch in Gilbert, Arizona for their engagement session. These two are so adorable and sweet! During our session, Zoe told me all about life in Arizona and Tony shared interesting facts about the amazing cacti at the Preserve. Being from the East Coast, I know absolutely nothing about cacti. Did you know some of them even produce fruit you can eat!?


The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch is a hidden oasis in Gilbert, AZ housing a variety of succulents and greenery! My favorite scenery included the beautiful Saguaro cacti throughout the preserve. Each component of this preserve comes together to form the perfect picture spot! The Preserve is organized into various vegetative zones ranging from marshlands to native riparian and upland vegetation areas, providing a great variety of backgrounds for photos. Approximately 298 species of birds have been identified on the site, and many insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals have found homes there as well. Over 4.5 miles of trails weave through the park providing an easy walk throughout the Preserve.


Zoe and Tony met through a mutual friend while she was attending college at Arizona State University (ASU). Zoe lived in Tempe at the time while Tony was living in Kingman, AZ, so they started off their relationship long distance. Zoe drove to Kingman right after Christmas in 2014 where Tony took her to a sushi restaurant for their first date. He bet that he could withstand the heat of a big ol’ glob of wasabi in his mouth longer than she could. Zoe took the bet and can you guess who won? Zoe, of course! Tony started choking and crying and by the end they were both laughing hysterically. Having the same sense of humor sealed the deal for both of them and they haven’t stopped laughing together since!


They had just gotten back from their two year anniversary date. Zoe was already in her pajamas sitting on the couch when she heard a knock at the door. It was late so she was very confused, especially since she wasn’t expecting anyone. She told Tony to go get the door and when he opened it, her best friend was on the other side. As Zoe was saying hello to her, Tony got down on one knee and proposed right in the living room of their apartment. Tony had asked her best friend to film it! There were lots of tears, mostly from Zoe, but the funny thing is…TONY NEVER POPPED THE QUESTION! After rewatching the video, they realized that he never actually asked and Zoe just said “yes.” It was the easiest yes ever!


“I love how positive he is. He has truly helped me become more optimistic about life in general and I’m so grateful for that. He loves animals as much as I do, maybe more, and cares for our two pugs so well. He is my go to for any question I have before I even consult Google. He has such a broad range of knowledge that is truly admirable and incredible. I love that he can makes me laugh at any moment and that he has an open mind allowing us to have rich conversations”.


“I love that she is caring. She always thinks of me, like when she gets me new clothes or brings me snacks after work. I love that she plays board games and video games with me. She is always supportive of my interests even if they don’t interest her just because I like it. She gives me a second perspective when I am feeling upset or don’t know how to respond to. She gives the best advice. I love that she loves my grandpa and family, it means so much”.

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