September 20, 2022

Courtney & Mike

Brown’s Island Engagement Session | Richmond, Virginia

Courtney and Mike explored Brown’s Island for their engagement session. This fun and sarcastic couple made their session so much fun and filled with laughter. We started at Historic Tredegar, explored the shoreline of the James River, Pottersfield Bridge and ended up back at Tredegar.

How They Met:

Courtney and Mike met through work on Courtney’s first day. From that moment on their sarcasm blossomed into an awesome friendship at first, which over time developed into the amazing relationship it is.

How Mike Proposed:

Mike planned a huge engagement at Courtney’s work. Mike spent 2 months planning the proposal, and Courtney had no idea! Mike had brought her family, and a bunch of friends into her workplace for the big surprise. When Courtney entered, Mike was down on one knee with a sign that said, “Marry Me” and Courtney’s daughter had a sign that said, “Say Yes!” Courtney walked over to them, barely let Mike actually propose, and then realized everyone else was standing behind him, and said yes!

What Courtney Loves About Mike:

“His smile, how he makes me feel loved all the time, how he brings joy into any room he is in (when he’s around you can see a room’s energy brighten up), how family oriented he is, and I could really go on!”

What Mike Loves About Courtney:

“Her eyes, the way she pulls me out of my shell, and how much of a hard worker she is.”

  1. dad says:

    Love the pictures. Love the both of you and the love you have for each other. Mike is a perfect mate for Courtney and a perfect match for the family. The road is not always paved smoothly but it’s how you make it over the bumps makes you stronger.
    Love always

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