October 13, 2021

Katie & Jake

Blowing Rock, North Carolina Engagement Photography

Katie and Jake explored The Blowing Rock nestled in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for their engagement session this past weekend. With perfect weather, beautiful mountain views and stunning fall colors, Katie and Jake told me all about their love and how they managed a long distance relationship for over 11 years.

The Legend of The Blowing Rock:

It is said that a Chickasaw chieftan, fearful of a white man’s admiration for his lovely daughter, journeyed far from the plains to bring her to The Blowing Rock and the care of a squaw mother. One day the maiden, daydreaming on the craggy cliff, spied a Cherokee brave wandering in the wilderness far below and playfully shot an arrow in his direction. The flirtation worked because soon he appeared before her wigwam, courted her with songs of his land and they became lovers, wandering the pathless woodlands and along the crystal streams. One day a strange reddening of the sky brought the brave and the maiden to The Blowing Rock. To him it was a sign of trouble commanding his return to his tribe in the plains. With the maiden’s entreaties not to leave her, the brave, torn by conflict of duty and heart, leaped from The Rock into the wilderness far below. The grief-stricken maiden prayed daily to the Great Spirit until one evening with a reddening sky, a gust of wind blew her lover back onto The Rock and into her arms. From that day a perpetual wind has blown up onto The Rock from the valley below. For people of other days, at least, this was explanation enough for The Blowing Rock’s mysterious winds causing even the snow to fall upside down.

How They Met:

Katie and Jake met online on an internet chat room of a popular art website when they were 13 and 14. Katie (from North Carolina) and Jake (from Canada) began talking about their love of writing and crafting stories. After a while, they decided to write a story together. Soon, Katie was in love and would run home from the bus every day after school, excited to talk to him. After a few months, he confessed that he loved her too and they’ve been together ever since!

After they both graduated high school, almost 5 years after meeting online, Katie convinced her family (who didn’t even know they were dating!) to visit her “Internet friend” in Canada. Their first time meeting in person was incredible and surreal! They went through all the awkwardness of middle school/high school romance in the matter of days. Since then, they have tried to alternate visiting each other twice a year.

Katie’s Favorite Thing About Jake:

“I love his smile (his genuine smile!) and the way his face lights up when he’s talking about something he cares about. I love how caring he is—how he is always looking out for me. I love that he’s mischievous, and always making me laugh. I love that even after nearly 11 years, I can always find something to talk about with for hours. How, even as an introvert, it doesn’t wear me out but comfort me. I could go on.”

Jake’s Favorite Thing About Katie:

“Her smile, her laugh, how comforting she is, the sense of security and stability she brings, and how understanding she is.”

Katie and Jake will get married next month in Concord, NC at the church Katie grew up in. I am so excited that Jake is finally in the US with Katie and that the two of them can start their life together in the same place.

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